Another view: blind people

Theatrical workshop and art photographs by Gioia Aloisi and Monica Gorini
Integrated courses opened to seeing and blind people.
This  workshop would be an itinerant exhibition in different european cities  where the imagine of the blind come out strong, dynamic, positive and dignified.

Workshop: 5 days  divided in 3 days of theatre and 2 days taking photographs.

The theatrical workshop is based on a deep self-listening, self confidence raising, sensory perceptioning,sharing experience to get emotional and sensorial wellness, to get a change from the inside. That will make natural and easy staying in front the photograph lens.
This project foresee experience in which it will be used different theatrical tecnique, body exercises based on the strenght of sensorial feelings to get free expression and movement.
Only later it will be realised photographs where all the partecipiant will show their personalities.
At the end of the workshop,some photos will be choose and they will be the object of an exibition in different European cities (that will accept this initiative).
After that it will be realised a book in which all these images will be collected togheter with the evidence of the participants.


ANOTHER VIEW would like to be an exibition of people that narrate themselves in front of a photograph machine in different ways, using also objects, poems, words, dresses, accessories that help to comunicate a way of feeling in the world.
All the partecipiants will live all the activities to know better themselves, to learn how to express with gestural comunication, to understand how the body express sensorial perceptions and emotional feelings.
Through a dialogue with the artist it will be realised an image that has the power to get over the frame of immobility or transparence and could brake the silence and stereotypes on blind.
The main object is to brake the contemporary ideas about blind people in our culture in which they are considered “weak and looser”
Our photographs collection offer the idea of people who are able to laugh, enjoy, having fun, win and be dynamic and skilled.

Choosing blind peolpe like subjects of a photo, a visible material, put our view in the possibility to unrich our vision of elements that link vision to a large concept: to be able to see.

See and be seeing passes for everybody through the relationships with others and the world.That’s why this portfolio brings a message to share and stories to read.
This collection is thought to be exposed also in open and public spaces.So it could open the possibility to break the wall of indifference showing a way to read photographs like stories to learn.
The images of seeing and blind will be mixed together to create powerful expressive energy and not discriminanting.

Every photos will be art-work. The characters are the subject in their beauty, culture, personality and unicity.

Raise of sensorial and emotional wellness
Multi activity to improve integration between partecipiant
Start up from joy, sharing culture, experience and personal growth
Respect for differences and increase of this value
Increase of value of gestual creativity and comunication
Put worth in the blind world and life
Multicultural share




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